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Quality Assurance

The Organisation has well-established quality systems to ensure quality at all stages and in all functions in a climate of Total Quality work culture, where participation by everyone reinssupreme. Quality is a watchword across the entire organisation and proved to be a corner stone for the organisation’s sustained growth and success. The prime endeavour of the organisation is to getting the certification in quality by complying various Indian and international standards. Enhancing customer satisfaction is the prime objective of the quality policy of the organisation, and to this end the organisation has been adopting progressive measures visualising quality as a key strategy to stay competitive in the business.

The organisation’s astounding hold on quality, pricing and lead time, lies with it’s in house Facilities like fabrication, powder coating plant, assembly, fast availability of accessories and testing facilities. These in house facilities ensure the organisation ability to make any type of power and control panel and speedy delivery.


We have a spacious modern infrastructure with high-tech machinery and equipment at prime location of greaternoida. Highly skilled workers, engineers and supervisors are the part of it.

  • CAD stations for designing
  • NC Hydraulic shearing machine
  • CNC Hydraulic Press brake machine/bending machine
  • Power press machine 50 T
  • Pneumatic compressor dryer
  • Busbar cutting, bending and punching machine
  • Chemical treatment plant, powder coating plant and backing oven
  • Assembling and wiring
  • Packing arrangement
  • Loading/unloading arrangement
  • Testing

    We have in house testing facilities to confirm the standards as per IS 8623 Part-I and IEC 61439-I. Following testing kits are the part of routine and type testing station.

  • Primary current injection kit 8000A
  • Mill volt drop testing kit
  • Micro ohm meter
  • Conductivity test kit
  • Megger 500/1000V DC for insulation resistance test
  • Secondary current injection test kit for relay testing
  • High voltage testing kit up to 5kV
  • Coating thickness gauge
  • Routine Tests Conducted

  • Inspection of assembly including control wiring
  • Continuity test
  • Insulation resistance test by (Megger) 1000 V DC
  • High voltage test by high voltage testing kit 2.5 kV for 1 Minute
  • Type Test

  • Short circuit test as per IS 8623 (part I) 8.2.3.-1993
  • Temperature rise test as per IS 8623 (part 1) 8.2.1.-1993